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Our Story

Imagine this: a tech-world burnout expert and a tarot-wielding spiritualist teaming up. Sounds a bit… out there, right? But that’s the story of how Inner Growth Center was born.

We’re Heather and Lauren, and let’s just say our paths weren’t meant to cross… or were they? We met at a wellness retreat, coming from opposite sides of the spectrum. Heather’s all about hustle and self-reliance, while Lauren believes in flow and looking to the stars. Turns out, under all those differences, we had the same goal: finding that sweet spot between ambition and serenity.

We swapped stories of burnout and breakthroughs. That’s where the dream took shape – helping others find the balance we were craving ourselves. And so, Inner Growth Center was born – a place where those seemingly opposite paths could finally meet.

Meet Us

heather bennett

Performance & Wellness Strategist

Think you can’t be ambitious and chill?  Heather’s out to prove you wrong. After seeing burnout run rampant in the tech world, she made it her mission to change that.  Think goal-smashing productivity without sacrificing your sanity.

Heather mixes down-to-earth strategies with proven performance methods – the perfect recipe for those who refuse to compromise. If you’re ready to build a life where achievement and well-being go hand-in-hand, Heather’s your guide.

Heather sitting and smiling at the camera.
Lauren sitting and smiling at the camera.

Lauren Williams

Spiritual Growth Facilitator

Want to use spiritual insights to improve your focus, relationships, or decision-making? Lauren blends ancient wisdom with a down-to-earth approach, guiding you to understand and apply it to your everyday life. She’s dedicated to making it accessible and practical for everyone.

Lauren doesn’t just talk about spirituality, she brings it to life. She taps into ancient symbolism and universal concepts, creating visuals that guide your self-discovery journey. Her creative approach makes her work eye-catching and impactful.

Our Core Values

Ready to see real change in your life? Heather and Lauren built their approach around principles that led them toward success, balance, and a deeper sense of purpose. At Inner Growth Center, these values guide everything we do:

Discover New Perspectives

  • Embrace new ideas and open yourself to diverse viewpoints. This unlocks greater understanding, empathy, and a willingness to embrace positive change.

Reflect for Clarity

  • Gain insights through mindful reflection. Understand your motivations, learn from experience, and discover how to create a more deliberate, self-aware future.

Grow with Intentional Action

  • Take charge of your growth by turning goals into reality. Set clear targets, create a plan, and stay accountable. Consistent effort and mindful steps foster meaningful progress.

Begin Your Journey with Inner Growth Center

With these core values guiding us, Inner Growth Center invites you on a journey of discovery, reflection, and growth. We believe there’s no single ‘right’ path to inner growth. That’s why we offer a variety of resources and perspectives, drawing from proven methods, spirituality, and modern self-discovery tools. Find what works best for you.

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Begin your inner growth journey with us, and together, let’s uncover what makes you unique.

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